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I'll detail this soon, but fire away anonymously if need be.
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[This can be found on top of Varric's desk, nearly filled to completion. Within, Varric has copied down all of his eulogies, and all of the profiles as well. He has his own notes on potential abilities and brief summaries of conversations he's had. In addition, he has his notes on his relationships with everyone remaining. Those that have passed on are crossed out or torn out.]

[Folded into the back of the notebook are two letters, "specifically" addressed. The first is to Hanyuu and Lusamine, while the second can be given to anyone of Varric's "kids."]


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Marian Hawke - Chuckles
Sarah Kerrigan - Noodles
Garrett Hawke - Waffles
Kurt Wagner - Spades*
Nathan Drake - Scribbles

*Hasn't come up in canon yet, reminder to me. 
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You've reached the line for Varric Tethras. Concerned companions and frantic fans can leave a message. Critics, guild members, and princes of Starkhaven can deposit their comments in the nearest pit of fire and/or garbage bin.

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Player Name: Asher
Are you 16 or older: Yes.
Contact: Plurk @ Ashstriferous
Current Characters: N/A
Tag: Varric Tethras

Name: Varric Tethras
Canon: Dragon Age
Canon Point: Following a lovely, drunken end to his adventure in Inquisition’s main game.
Age: 42

History: Here . Please note that this Varric assumes that the Red Lyrium Fragment from Dragon Age II was destroyed and that Hawke died during the events of Inquisition.
There are a few things that differ when it comes to Varric's canon history, most of which are based on game based decisions.
+Varric was friends with Hawke, as opposed to rivals.
+Said Hawke was a female mage.
+The Inquisitor was a male elf.
+Varric did what he could to help Bartrand, sending him to a sanitarium while he did what he could to bring him back from the madness caused by the Red Lyrium.
+Hawke refused to let Varric keep the red lyrium fragment. Varric was, ultimately, grateful for her actions.
+Hawke was "killed" in the fade.
+Cole was made more human.

Personality: Witty and charming. On Varric’s best days, this is how people describe him. He’s a master storyteller, and he has a tongue to match the words put on his page. After publishing countless novels and series, and winning over even the most stalwart of Seekers (here’s looking at you, Cassandra), there’s no doubting that Varric is good at what he does. He takes pride in it, and is more than a little angry when someone soils his name. .

He might be a little lazy or unconventional at times, but he still gets the work done. And usually he only shirks his responsibility when he has to deal with insufferable people, such as Sebastian or the Merchant’s guild.

On his worst days, Varric can be described as selfish and an annoyance. The former is partially a matter of playful self-description, the latter part of looking out for his friends. When Varric lies about Hawke’s location, he does it not to protect his own skin, but to look out for his best friend. As he puts it, people like Cassandra “have done enough to her already.” He forms bonds with his companions, giving them nicknames and making a good faith effort to get along with them (or at least gather information for his next hit book), despite the rocky beginnings they may have had. He looks out for them even when they’d rather he not. This often involves pulling strings in order to keep gangs off of Anders, or offering employment to keep the Coterie off of Fenris.

Varric also is protective of Cole, looking out for the boy when he even so much as thinks that Solas and the Inquisitor are harassing him. Varric never once believes that Cole is a demon, pointing out that of the gathered companions (himself, Solas, the Inquisitor and Cole), none of them are human either. It is Varric who plays a large part in the spirit's fate, advocating for his humanity and urging him to work through his feelings. Varric is gentle and supportive through all of this, and through his resulting humanity.

That said, his efforts can be overbearing at times, and not particularly well-received. He does what he can to push his good humor off on those who are ailing in mood (such as Anders in his Act 3 stupor, or a great many of his conversations with Cassandra). He simply won’t stop with one attempt either.

Still, even with their flaws, the people Varric has cared about are never far from his mind. Wandering the Dales brings memories of Merrill to his mind. That said, he is not opposed to some amount of bitterness, especially considering the number of comments he makes in regards to Anders.

While he might play as if he’s emotionless or joke about being unattached, Varric can be moved at times. His reunion with Bartrand, seeing him in such a manic state, strikes him, and even brings him to admit that he doesn’t have the heart to kill him. Furthermore, losing Hawke strikes a serious chord within him. Strong as he is, he’s taken aback and even cries over the loss of his best friend. It’s one of the few moments that we see him pass off any amount of physical affection.

That affection can border on the vindictive at times, depending on who spurns him or his companions. Should Hawke remain in the Fade and presumably die there, (as she did in this Varric's canon) Varric will approve of exiling the Grey Wardens (whose actions led to her death).

While there is little one can do to really push Varric's buttons, the quickest ways to get under his skin are betrayal and not listening to his advice. While this was previously demonstrated with Bartrand, it also comes into play with Anders. While he doesn't condemn the mage, his remarks in regard to his fate are relatively cold ("I think I'm sick of mages and Templars). The same can be said in regards to his fight with Bianca. Even after his warnings(should the Inquisitor try to say that she didn't know what she was doing, Varric will respond that she clearly did, as he advised her on the troubles with red lyrium), Bianca trifled with the substance, and Varric lashes out at her. Even still, he appears to feel some amount of remorse, sounding the slightest bit baleful as he sends her off.

In regards to conflict, Varric often takes a neutral, or perhaps disinterested role. When choosing whether to side with the mages or the templars, Varric's only opinion stems from how Hawke made her decision back in Kirkwall (for example, if Hawke sided with the mages in DA2, then siding with them again in Inqusition results in approval gains, where as conscripting them/recruiting the Templars instead results in disapproval). Other than that, Varric has negative things to say about both sides (though he does lament introducing Hawke and Anders at one point, at least signifying some amount of regret for the war starting).

That said, though he feels neutral toward wars he has no part in, Varric does feel some amount of obligation for the types of world-ending shit that seems to follow his companions around. Despite the fact that he had no reason to linger at the Temple of Sacred Ashes (the Conclave having been destroyed), he remains behind. Even when he points out that if not for Cassandra's involvement, he wouldn't have had any part in the Inquisition, the Inquisitor can call him out and say that he would have been there, and that he has done much for them, despite claims otherwise.

Contracts: Suspicious contracts and no lawyer to go over them? He can smell a bad deal from a mile away when it isn’t obvious. Still, with the ship broken and with him stumbling about like a fool, it isn’t as if he has a choice. He’ll do what he can for work and to help out, and he probably won’t complain too much.

At least not where anyone can hear.

Abilities/Skills: +Archery/Marksmanship: Sure, according to Sebastian, his shots veer a little to the left, but he's still a better shot.
+Trapping: Being an artificer has its perks. Those perks are traps. They can catch people and food. Probably. He’s also good at dismantling traps
+Charismatic: It’s not just part of his personality. Varric has a way of making people talk and a way of making them shut up. He's convinced deserters and crooked Chantry sisters to join the Inquisition, and convinced slavers and traffickers to give up their "bounty," all with a little bit of clever wordplay and phrasing.
+Silver-tongued: need a contract written up? A strongly worded letter to a nearby settlement? Want to write a love-letter to the girl in the camp nearby. He’s your guy.

Strengths/Weaknesses: +Aiming/Archery
+Bargaining/Debating/Anything that involves talking or writing.
+/-Well-made crossbows. This, of course, implies that they’re only talking about Bianca. He can handle her well, but maybe he gets a little caught up in talking to her.
-Stealth. He’s kind of too busy running his mouth sometimes.
-Close-combat. He prefers to attack from afar. Meeting someone close up might prove to be a bit troublesome.

+Bianca. The best crossbow ever.
+Scout Coat
+One deck of cards, perfect for playing wicked grace
+Three (3) steel traps.

Network Sample: [Varric was used to fiddling with shit. Sure, the MID might have been the most advanced piece he’d ever played around with, but he was a smart guy. It took only a bit of time to locate both the broadcast button.]

It’s my understanding that everyone can hear me now? Not going to get used to that. Usually when we hear weird voices from weirder places, it means demons, sometimes darkspawn. But I guess this whole place just flies in the face of normalcy… [Varric let out a small chuckle.] The name is Varric. Varric Tethras. Some of you might know me as that guy who wrote some books. Others might be asking themselves why they should care. If you fall into the latter category, let me know. I’ll be sure to update you.

Not really sure what I’m supposed to do at this point, what with this so-called ship thing being tits up. Guess I can always do what I do best, talk a lot, get in the way, and keep track of your embarrassing stories. Good profit in that.

[With nothing else to say, and with him not being entirely sure that the process was even successful, Varric dropped the recording. He’d keep an eye on the device, waiting to see if anyone else took an interest in what he had to say. With luck, they would. He could definitely put an extra handful of stories in All this Shit is Weird.]

Prose/Action Sample: Here and here